SA and Botswana — neighbours but poles apart in entrepreneurship

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I recently I had a look at the 2015/16 Global Report from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the world’s foremost study on entrepreneurship. I’ve lived and worked both in Botswana and SA, so I was especially interested in how these two countries fared in the report. To my surprise, the two countries, though geographically adjacent to [...]

Losing Touch: Power Diminishes Perception & Perspective

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“With great power comes great responsibility, so goes the famous saying. But responsibility is not all that seems to accompany puissance—dictators often exhibit extreme behavior, often in ways patently detrimental to their nations; managers are often accused of not understanding their subordinates’ points of view; and the dominant partner in a relationship often accused of [...]

Fast Company ranks MFS Africa as Africa’s 2nd Most Innovative Company, 2017

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MFS is a tech startup whose leadership team I was a member of & where I’m presently a shareholder   With its huge “unbanked” population, Africa has seen some of the most rapid adoption of mobile payment systems in the world. While few people have a bank or credit card—or a formal bank account—most people [...]